About Black Fedorah

Black Fedorah is the studio/company/alter-ego of Los Angeles based artist, designer, and all-around-Renaissance-man Jordan Brade for the purpose of creating engaging graphic design and artworks that take familiar concepts and deconstruct them. Jordan believes that supervillains were all just kids that were picked on in school while the heroes were the tormentors, and that everyone is the hero of their own story.

Jordan produces works for commercial and artistic purposes in just about every media imaginable - from paintings and sculptural work to computer crafted graphic design materials, logos, printed works, and video projects. He also has an obsession with typography and logo design. Jordan believes that art and design is about being bold, simple, and evocative, and strives to achieve that in all of his works.

If you're interested in art pricing, commissions, graphic design work, or just saying "hello" then feel free to send a message! Jordan doesn't get to eat until he answers ALL of his messages.